June 15, 2018
Few disagree that investment advisor Michele Kief demonstrates a strong passion for assisting clients in meeting their financial and investment needs. She works hard to help her clients build a strong financial future, but she does so differently than many others would. In fact, her wealth management approach has something of a holistic feel, meaning Michele Kief believes it’s important to live your best life now, even while preparing for the future.

That is why she offers will assist any client with selecting individual investments that best meet their current needs, at the same they help establish a solid retirement plan. Michele Kief is a very prolific travel enthusiast, so she ably assists those clients who would like to see more of the world. She has learned a lot from her travels, and she loves to pass it on. For instance, she recommends services that allow clients to work through a vacation, which can lead to free or cheap room and board in exchange for some farm work. Not only do they save money, but the experience is often more personally satisfying than staying in a hotel and interacting with other tourists.